Borders Are Open

The team at LMC would like to inform our customers that all borders remain open for commerce. As of late, we have been very busy with sales/purchasing and are still able to transport vehicles throughout North America and globally! We would like to thank our customers for their continued business, not only in the past few months but, for the last 35 years!

Legendary Motorcar TV Season 1

Follow Peter and his crew on Legendary Motorcar TY as they buy, sell and restore the finest classic, vintage, performance and muscle cars in the world.  Learn about their technology and owner history as they give you tips to invest in this timeless piece of our history.

Episode 1 - A Barn Find Packard

Pete is tipped off about a 37 Packard sitting in a farmer's shed a couple of hours away from his shop. It could be a great buy, but if that farmer doesn't sell and that engine doesn't run it would be a big waste of time, and more importantly, money.

Episode 2 - Shelby Convention @ The Glen

Between Peter having a favourite client over from Monaco (who will be racing in his LMC built Cobra), and entering a Boss 429 in the Shelby America Automobile Club concourse event (while trying to sell that same car to a very interested Australian collector), Peter has lots of opportunities for business…and headaches.

Episode 3 - Oklahoma Aston

Pete hears about a very rare 55 Aston Martin race car in Oklahoma City. Yeah, that's right, Oklahoma City. He immediately flies down and realizes that this is a heavyweight car and it will likely command a heavyweight price. While trying to get the Aston deal done, Peter gets a call from the shop with news that an unexpected and mysterious inquiry about a pair of cars sitting in the LMC showroom has come in.

Episode 4 - A Big Deal

One of Pete's best and longest term clients walks into Legendary and wants to do a deal. This is a common occurrence at Legendary but as Pete and Mark get into the game, Pete sees this is not your average transaction. Is Legendary buying? Selling? Trading? Pete is not sure. And where did all these Jeeps come from?

Episode 5 - 56 T-Bird Swap

Peter meets a potential customer at a BBQ who suggests he may like to own a 56 T-bird. The deal goes smoothly but the new customer insists a few "tweaks" get tossed into the deal before the price is finalized. When the Legendary shop manager, Chris, sees the "tweaks", one stands out as a major problem that Peter may have underestimated. This could be a tough lesson. Peter gains a new perspective on things when Ed calls to see if he could give a young girl who is recovering from a very serious brain injury and coma, a ride in a beautiful pre war classic.

Episode 6 - Charity Vettes and a Blind Mechanic

Legendary gets a call from a large charity looking for help with finding two cars for a draw they are running. When the deal stalls Pete brings in a world famous corvette racer who brings some extra incentives that might get Peter a handshake. Also, Pete gets to meet a young local mechanic who gets his first chance at getting behind the wheel at a local race track. Sound interesting? Our young mechanic is blind.

Episode 7 - A Boss 302 Comes Full Circle

Pete and the guys at LMC do restoration on a 1970 Boss 302. This is very nice car but it is the fairytale path that the car has been down that is real story. From the original owner, to a second owner, and then back to the original owner after 3 decades, we see that some car guys will spare no expense to get back their first love. We are also treated to Ford's most recent version of the mighty Boss cars.

Episode 8 - Not a Race For Chumps

Peter and the guys from Legendary decide to build a race car and try an event with North America's premeire crap can endurance racing organization, The Chump Car World Series. Grass roots gear heads from all over North America descend on the track at Nelson Ledges to see who can run fast for over 25 straight hours.

Episode 9 - The Impossible Restoration

Pete has one of the all time great cars show up at LMC. The 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL is owned by BASF corporation and they want this car to be perfect. With a very short timeline and a required level of research that demands a trip to Europe, Legendary has its hands full. And the clock is ticking.

Episode 10 - Car Hunting in the Carolinas

Peter makes a trip to North Carolina to check out a new player in the classic car auction world. While down there he calls an old contact who ends up sending Pete to meet some guys whose collections are buried deep in the Carolina car culture. Is car hunting in America's racing heartland as tough as it sounds?

Episode 11 - Viper Cup/ Remembering and Old Friend

Peter gets an invite from the guys at the SRT Viper Cup series to come to NY State and drive a race at Monticello. He is more than happy to drive as the event's celebrity racer, especially as the weekend is dedicated to the series former track announcer, friend and fellow racer. A big question remains however, in his first time in a Viper race car can Peter compete against teams that do this every weekend?

Episode 12 - A Shoe Fit For a Car

While working on another TV project Peter receives a phone call from a guy who is angry that Peter's footwear does not adequately reflect the level of respect that some of the world's finest cars demand. Really, is this guy serious? Sure Pete's shoes have some mileage on them but whose does this guy think he is? Turns out he is the kind of guy that will come to the shop and answer that question.

Velocity is planning a promotional event for episodes 12 and 13 of Legendary Motorcar.

Episode 13 - The Legendary Bullitt

A client of Peter's wants his Mustang turned into an identical version of the famous Steve McQueen car in the Bullitt movie. Is recreating a Hollywood icon more or less difficult than a standard restoration? The guys at Legendary are about to find out.