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The team at LMC would like to inform our customers that all borders remain open for commerce. As of late, we have been very busy with sales/purchasing and are still able to transport vehicles throughout North America and globally! We would like to thank our customers for their continued business, not only in the past few months but, for the last 35 years!

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1966 Shelby 427 Cobra

  •  1 Of Only 160 Street Cobras Factory Delivered With A True 427 Engine
  •  Factory Red Exterior With Black Interior
  •  Factory Dual-Quad
  •  Documented Ownership History
  •  True No Stories 427 Cobra
  •  Cosmetic Restoration By LMC

LMC is very proud to offer for sale this 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra.

  While the 289s were cleaning up against the Ferraris, Shelby knew Enzo would build something for the next season that would be built to beat the Cobra. Shelby had to look ahead to the next season and build something faster. The 289 Cobra could not be made any lighter, so he decided to give the car a larger engine. The first 427 prototype was built on a stiffened 289 chassis, but the small block’s 20-year-old technology could not handle the massive power coming from the new engine. The 427 featured a thick and larger chassis and slightly modified body, but keeping the original 289 doors, windscreen, hood, and trunk lid. By the time the 427 came to life, Ford already had a promising sports car to beat the Ferraris and the GT40. Due to this only two 427 Cobras ever raced for the team was the first prototype CSX2196 and CSX 3002. Shelby made many versions of the original CSX 427 Cobras, of which, only 316 were built in total. There were 19 production full Competition, 31 S/C models and 260 street cars built, of which, roughly 100 of them came with a lower horsepower 428 engine as this was a way for Shelby to save money. The remaining 160 came with the more powerful 427 engines. The 427 Cobra is the ultimate successor to the 289 and "Anything the 289 did poorly, the 427 did well; and anything the 289 did well, the 427 did better".


  Billed to Shelby American on 10/27/1965, this 1966 Shelby Cobra was ordered new at Levittown Motors in Levittown, New York. A couple months later on February 2nd, 1966 it arrived at the dealership, Via Airfreight to J.F.K., in the same livery it appears today, Red with Black interior. The first known owner was John Levitt whose family had built the town (Levittown, NY) named after them. It was then sold by Levitt in 1972 to Jim Alter in La Mesa, California. It was listed for sale in 1974 and then purchased by its next caretaker, Greg Schneider from Long Beach, CA. A year later Frank Brown from California purchased this Cobra and restored it. In 1985, it was sold to Mr. Keith Harvie (Agora, CA) who had for four years before selling it to George Poteet (Memphis, TN). In a rare turn of events, it was repurchased in 1996 by Keith Harvie who retained ownership until LMC purchased it in 2013.


  In 2013, Legendary Motorcar preformed a cosmetic restoration to the condition seen today. Showcasing its correct original livery of stunning Red over Black interior with the beautiful clean factory delivered look, of a full under car exhaust.  The 427 engine is topped with a factory dual quad setup as was the case for the first run of real 427 cars. It still makes a thunderous noise which cannot be mistaken for anything but, a factory built 427 Cobra. The factory style Sunburst wheels are wrapped in Goodyear tires as delivered new, completing the factory original finish of a subtle, yet stunning and the correct look of the iconic street Cobra.


  This factory built original cobra is fully and completely documented.  It is Listed in the Shelby American World Registry on both pages 482 and 563. Complete with ownership chain back to Mr. Levitt. Comes with copy of AC Cars Limited invoice to Shelby American, copy of Shelby American Invoice to original seller dealer, it has been part of the Cobras Owners club since 1972, correspondence with the Mr. Alter circa 1972 and the Cobra Owners Club complete with his members card, letters and envelopes with correspondence between Mr. Alter and Cobra Performance Parts and Service Centre dated 1972, copies of old California registrations and tiles from previous owners.        


  One look at this beautiful example and it is easy to see why they are so sought after and desirable around the globe. This car represents an unique opportunity to obtain a piece of history, that’s survived 50 plus years unharmed unlike so many others. Also a car that not only shows beautifully but, drives just as nicely, well prepared and ready for the attention garnered by a true, genuine factory built 427 Shelby Cobra.

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