Borders Are Open

The team at LMC would like to inform our customers that all borders remain open for commerce. As of late, we have been very busy with sales/purchasing and are still able to transport vehicles throughout North America and globally! We would like to thank our customers for their continued business, not only in the past few months but, for the last 35 years!

Collection Car Management and Auction Representation

Since 1985, Legendary Motorcar Company has always been aware that we live in an ever changing world and that we need to continue to evolve along with it and our customers. We have had many requests by current and also new clients to assist them with discreetly locating and purchasing vehicles for private collections. With this in mind, we are now offering assistance with all your classic and sports car acquisitions. This allows the customer to tap into Legendary Motorcar's collector car experience, with hundreds of years of combined knowledge and a data base of over 30,000 contacts as well as all of our other resources and relationships.

This will be made available to you while all of your transactions will be strictly private and confidential. We attend every major auction and many other events throughout the year and are happy to inspect your potential purchase in person. We will handle everything from beginning to the end, so you can experience the enjoyment without the stress. We start with an initial inspection and history search of the particular car. This is a critical step in every purchase as we all know there are many dual cowl phaetons that never started life that way, more big- block corvettes than ever left the factory, vintage sports racing cars with skeletons lurking in the closet.

This research is important to ensure you get what you pay for. After this step we are happy to give a market opinion and then handle the entire negotiation process on your behalf or be your auction representative. After the successful purchase, LMC is happy to set up shipping to the customer or back to our facility for any restoration or any service that may be required or requested. We have had the privilege of doing business all over the world and, no matter your location, can arrange transport wherever you live.

As a leader in the industry with a proven track record, Legendary Motorcar has assisted in putting together some of the finest collections in the world and made purchases on behalf of many prominent individuals.Whether you are looking to build a collection yourself or just looking to add a few special vehicles to your stable, please feel free to contact David Griffiths or Peter Klutt for an expert, discreet, individual consultation.