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1974 Porsche 356A Coupe

  •  Two Time Swiss National Championship Winner
  •  One Of The Most Original Examples In The World
  •  One Of The Most Successful RSR’s In History
  •  Extremely Early Production Factory RSR
  •  Fully Documented Race History
  •  Amazing 55 Races Without A Single DNF
  •  Ready For Any Historic Racing Event FIA Certified

LMC is very proud to offer for sale this 1974 Porsche RSR

  The RSR 3.0 was made in small numbers with a clear objective to dominate endurance racing. For the privateer in the mid-1970s who wanted to go sports car racing and compete successfully at the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans, there was really only one viable option, the Porsche RSR. Introduced in 1973, the RSR was a factory-built racing car based on the 911 chassis. These were not converted street cars, but rather purpose-built competition models designed and built from the ground up for serious racing use. In 1974, the factory made significant changes to the car including a new 3.0-liter engine, wider wheels with center lock hubs and improved aerodynamics. The result was a car that would dominate the GT category and challenge for overall wins around the world.

  This RSR was ordered new in early 1974 by Harry Blumer of Pfaffhausen, Switzerland.  Delivery of the car was handled by the official Porsche Concessionaire, Garage Zbinden in Laufen, Switzerland.  Blumer and his friend, veteran Swiss Porsche Factory Team Driver Herbert Muller, ordered the car during a personal trip to Weissach shortly after production of the RSR’s began.  Porsche's new FIA Group 4 RSR became a near instant legend the moment it was announced and soon thereafter homologated by the FIA for endurance racing. The car was ordered under the racing option code M491 which allowed for few additional options. Blumer was limited after that to the exterior color selection of Code N8 (Lime Green) and the optional center-lock magnesium racing 9-inch front and 12-inch rear wheels.  

  Blumer had immediate plans for his new RSR with the primary objective being an outright win in the extremely competitive Swiss National Championship.  To accomplish this, Blumer would have to compete in five separate sanctioned Hill Climbs, five endurance track events and two sanctioned air-field races. Garage Zbinden and their chief race mechanic Hans Ulrich Sharer, played a crucial role in achieving success for Blumer and his new RSR. The car was meticulously inspected after each race, assessed and immediately prepared for the next race without concern for expense. As a result of the seasons overall results, Blumer achieved his objective and won the Swiss National Championship in 1974.

  The car would race professionally in the Swiss National Series as well as various Continental races for the next four years under different owners. At the end of the 1975 season, the RSR’s engine was updated by Porsche to the new 3.2 liter-350bhp specification.  For 1977, the car was fitted with full Porsche Factory FIA Group 5 bodywork, brakes and suspension. Later in the 1977 season, the RSR had a 935 rear wing fitted and the car painted in the revised Red JVC Sponsorship. At the end of the 1977 Season, the RSR's race record was more than a little impressive. It managed to finish all seventeen races he entered, finishing 1st overall in no less than nine of these and 1st in class in another seven! As a result of  overwhelming success the RSR won the Swiss National Championship again in 1977.

  As a result of the 1977 racing accomplishments, it received sponsorship from SANYO Corporation for 1978.  The RSR was given a proper rebuild and initially ran a similar red paint scheme as in 1977. Around midway through the 1978 season the SANYO livery was given an update as the car was stripped and repainted in blue.  As in previous seasons, meticulous race preparation and careful race support produced immediate and overwhelming results for its fourth and final racing season.

  The 1978 Race Season was filled with many outright victories and once again the car never failed to finish a race. The dominant results compiled to ten 1st place overall finishes and four second place finishes in 1978. Despite such impressive results in the 1978 season, sponsorship demands had dictated much of the race schedule.  This combined with missing some of the hill climbs and airport circuits resulted in this RSR missing out on a third championship by a few points. The 1978 season would be the last period of professional races for the RSR.
During this RSR’s active racing career it compiled some very impressive statistics.  In 56 known races, there is not one DNF, a true testament to the meticulous preparation and maintenance of the RSR.  Perhaps even more notable, not once was this car involved in a significant accident. Today it is considered to have one of the most unmolested tubs of the RSR’s in existence.  The impressive championship winning race record combined with an unscathed chassis, are a very rare combination in any vintage race car.

  This race-ready RSR has been prepared and authenticated by one of the most highly respected Porsche race car restorers and race-preparation specialists in the USA. It comes fully documented with ownership history from new and race results. Recently it has raced at the most prestigious vintage events in the US in recent years including the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion from 2011-2017 and the Rennsport Reunions from 2011-2015. This race ready RSR is your next ticket into any vintage racing event around the world!

1974 Results – Swiss National Championship

05-12-74 Casale (Piemont-Italy); Blumer                                         4th OVERALL

06-02-74 Dijon National Race; Blumer                                              1st OVERALL

06-22-74 Wangen-Duumlbendorf; Blumer                                         1st OVERALL

07-21-74 Hockenheim; Blumer                                                         3rd OVERALL

07-28-74 Freiburg-Schauinsland; Blumer                                          3rd in GT

08-18-74 St Ursanne-Les Rangiers; Blumer                                       13th OVERALL, 1st in GT

08-25-74 Hockenheim Blumer;                                                         11th OVERALL, 2nd in GT

October 74 Hockenheim 3-hour race; Blumer-Kofel                             1st in GT

1975 Results

04-11-75 Dijon; Kofel                                                                       2nd in GT

05-04-75 Sembach; Germany; Kofel                                                  2nd OVERALL

05-11-75 Castle, Italy; Kofel                                                             3rd OVERALL

06-06-75 Osterreichring; Kofel                                                           2nd in Class

06-13-75 Slalom Romont; Kofel                                                          1st in Class

06-15-75 Santa Monica, Italy; Kofel                                                    2nd in Class

06-22-75 Eggbergrennen Hillclimb; Kofel                                             2nd in Class

08-31-75 Hockenheim International; Kofel                                           4th OVERALL

09-13-75 Gurnigel Hillclimb; Kofel                                                       4th OVERALL

09-27-75 Hemberg Hillclimb; Kofel                                                      3rd OVERALL

1976 Results

03-27-76 Hockenheim; Kofel                                                               1st in Class

04-03-76 Le Castellet; Kofel                                                                2nd in Class

04-17-76 Monza; Kofel                                                                        1st in Class

06-12-76 Slalom Romont; Kofel                                                           1st in Class

08-07-76 Ayent-Anzere Hillclimb; Kofel                                                1st in Class

09-25-76 Hemberg Hillclimb; Kofel                                                      2nd in Class

10-31-76 Hockenheim 3 Hour; Brandenberger-Blumer                           1st in Class

1977 Results – Swiss National Champion

03-27-77 Hockenheim; Brandenberger                                                 1st in Class

04-03-77 Le castellet; Brandenberger                                                  1st OVERALL

04-17-77 Monza; Brandenberger                                                         1st OVERALL

05-29-77 Osterreichchring; Brandenberger                                          1st OVERALL

06-12-77 Slalom Romont; Brandenberger                                            1st in Class

06-19-77 Slalom Saanen; Brandenberger                                             1st in Class

06-26-77 Eggberg Hillclimb; Brandenberger                                         1st in Class

07-03-77 Hockenheim; Brandenberger                                                1st OVERALL

07-17-77 Hockenheim; Brandeberger                                                  1st OVERALL

08-07-77 Ayent-Anzere; Brandeberger                                                1st in Class

08-14-77 Oberhallau Hillclimb; Brandenberger                                     1st in Class

08-21-77 St. Ursanne-Les Rangiers; Bradenberger                               3rd in Class

09-04-77 Dijon; Brandenberger                                                          1st OVERALL

09-11-77 Gurnigel Hillclimb; Brandenberger                                        1st OVERALL

09-25-77 St Peterzell-Hemberg Hillclimb; Brandenberger                      1st OVERALL

10-02-77 Zwisschenwasser Hillclimb; Brandenberger                            1st OVERALL

10-15-77 Hockenheim 3 HOUR; Brandenberger-Blumer                         1st in Class

1978 Results

04-16-78 Monza; Brandenberger                                                          2nd OVERALL

04-23-78 Dijon; Brandenberger                                                            1st OVERALL

04-30-78 Hockenheim; Brandenberger                                                  1st OVERALL

05-14-78 Zeltweg; Brandenberger                                                        2nd OVERALL

05-28-78 Slalom Saanen; Brandenberger                                              1st OVERALL

06-11-78 Slalom Ramont; Brandenberger                                              1st OVERALL

06-18-78 Misano; Brandenberger                                                          1st OVERALL

07-16-78 Hockenheim; Brandenberger                                                  1st OVERALL

08-06-78 Ayent-Anzere; Brandenberger                                                2nd OVERALL

08-20-78 St Ursannes-Les Rangiers Hillclimb; Brandenberger                 1st OVERALL

09-03-78 Hockenheim; Brandenberger                                                 1st OVERALL

09-10-78 Gurnigel Hillclimb; Brandenberger                                         1st OVERALL

09-24-78 Hemberg; Brandenberger                                                     1st OVERALL

10-22-78 Hockenheim 3 hour; Brandenberger/Blumer                           2nd OVERALL

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